2024 Chamber Music Camp




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Salina Summer Strings is a one-week intensive and fun small ensemble (chamber music) program for string players.

Participants are grouped into string quartets, quintets or trios, and assignments and music will be available at the beginning of June. While each group may work on several pieces, the coach selects one or two on which to focus at a high level. Chamber music coaching focuses on musicianship and effective rehearsal techniques as the groups prepare for the final concert on Saturday afternoon.

Designed to educate the total musician, the curriculum combines focused study of a chamber work with the opportunity to explore parallel disciplines such as developing leadership and interpersonal (team player) skills.

Camp Dates: Sunday, June 23 to Saturday, June 29, 2024

Registration Deadline: Sunday, June 1, 2024

Class Descriptions

Ensemble Demo Class

The first class for all students each day. The instructors meet and rehearse a piece they have never played together before! This will be a real life presentation of rehearsal and performance techniques for small ensembles. Students will hear discussions between the players and learn the art of compromise. Students will see all what is involved with learning a new piece as a small ensemble and use that knowledge to help their own group. Since many of the students will have limited experience playing in small ensembles, this class is geared to help them learn the rehearsal techniques needed throughout the week.

Chamber Music Concepts Class

Many of the concepts presented in the Ensemble Demo Class will be explored in this class with much more detail and with student participation. Geared for the younger students, it will help them in their rehearsals throughout the week and in the final performance.


The Masterclass is a coaching but with an audience. It will give the ensembles a chance to perform in front of a live audience and have a practice performance before the concert at the end of the week. All groups will attend but only 3 or 4 groups will play each day. Masterclasses will give each ensemble the opportunity to perform and receive feedback prior to the final concert.

Supervised Rehearsal

Although each ensemble will rehearse on their own, there will be supervisors monitoring as they rehearse to answer questions and to make sure rehearsal time is used to rehearse!

Ensemble Private Coachings

Ensemble coaching is the private lesson for the ensemble. Coaches help the students put all they are learning in the other classes into use. The coaches will see where the ensembles are having difficulty and help them find solutions. This is where the students learn to use their leadership skills and their team player skills. The private coaching and rehearsals are what the students will use to polish the piece of music for the final performance.